Gynecologists and physiotherapists recommend Aniball


“I like Aniball, it’s simple, efficient, safe and supports the elasticity of natural tissues. I definitely recommend it. We’re certainly satisfied with it.”


“The exercise with the Aniball balloon and massaging the perineum should be part of the preparation for spontaneous birth for each woman. My personal experience – as a primipara, I knew which position during childbirth was suitable for me, knew the feeling of when the child’s head was crowning, knowing how to push; and I gave birth naturally without the least injury. I was prepared for 30 cm and the son’s head circumference was 34.5 cm. Aniball is an effective and safe device.”

JANA ČURDOVÁ, labor assistant, mother of two children

“I see Aniball as a useful aid to understanding your body. It helps a woman to discover how her body works during the expelling and what kind of feelings there will be in the final labor stages.”