Aniball Inco

Aniball Inco is a medically-approved silicone balloon designated  for the conscious activation and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. For proper functioning of the pelvic area, it is necessary  that we can actively perceive these muscles and activate or relax (loosen) them as needed. On your own, it may be relatively difficult to restore these features. That’s why Aniball Inco is a useful tool that makes you perceive your muscles actively, get feedback on muscle contraction as well as help you in the  relaxation and loosening of your muscles.



Exercise with Aniball Inco is used to:

  • improve the condition of the pelvic floor muscles
  • alleviate the symptoms of incontinence
  • correct posture and relieve back pain
  • strengthen weak muscles after childbirth
  • improve the quality of sex life


Regular training (15 minutes a day) brings about improvement of the difficulties within approximately 3 months.




Pelvic floor muscle exercises with Aniball Inco help improve pelvic floor fitness. Aniball Inco  was  primarily  developed  for  women suffering  from  uncontrolled urine leakage  (incontinence). However, it is also a good helper for the conscious training of pelvic muscles for women who have experienced the difficulties mentioned in the previous paragraph. Once you learn to use your pelvis properly again, you will improve the postnatal regenerative  processes,  the  stability and mobility of  your  spine and hips, reduce  the risk of hernia and improve your sexual experiences.