The Aniball balloon is used to practice the pelvic floor muscles – an effective prenatal preparation of the birth canal as well as regeneration and strengthening of the pelvic floor after delivery. The shape of the balloon comes from African obstetrics, where women are preparing themselves with shaped gourds – calabash. Its shape allows women to exercise (similar to Aniball), which practically eliminates the risk of tearing.

                                                 Aniball                                                                                                           Calabash


The Aniball balloon is not a fantasy of modern times. As you can see – we are returning to roots.






Exercising wih Aniball brings following benefits:

  • effective physical and mental preparedness and self-confidence for childbirth,
  • a significantly lower risk of tearing or episiotomy during parturition,
  • shortening of the second stage of labor,
  • training for expulsion of the newborn,
  • training in the appropriate position for birth,
  • preparation for the child’s head passage,
  • strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth,
  • effective postpartum rehabilitation.


You can start from the 36th completed week of pregnancy, just 15 minutes a day.







Purpose of use:

Aniball effectively helps to activate or release the pelvic floor muscles, positively stimulates the vaginal muscles and helps practicing the alternating tension and relaxation of the perineum during antenatal preparation. The exercise’s purpose is to facilitate the newborn’s delivery, shortening the second stage of labor, and a significant reduction in the risk of episiotomy. Using the device after childbirth regenerates the muscles in the pelvic area, which reduces leakage a few months immediately after birth and the possibility of incontinence later on.

This medical device has been developed in cooperation with physiotherapists. It is the best training method aimed at avoiding tearing or episiotomy during childbirth.