I cannot recommend it highly enough and think every pregnant woman should be using Aniball." - Angileta, Mum & Midwife


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We do not recommend the use of Aniball if you are: experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or are at risk of preterm labor, suffering from any type of vaginal bleeding, planning on having a C-section, suffering from warts or other pathological vaginal infections, experiencing vaginal inflammation, uterine prolapse, genital herpes, vaginal injury, precancerous lesions or other pathological diseases of the cervix.

Please consult any problem that may arise during exercise with your doctor or midwife.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Hannah McLean
1st baby… very quick labour with no tears!

This review is going to be a long one…I purchased Aniball as i just couldn’t get used to manual perineal massage without it being quite painful and I didn’t really know what I was doing in all honesty!!

On first trying the Aniball, it was certainly an experience!! But I did a little research and took it nice and slow and steady (with lots of lube!!) like the reviews said. Over the following 2 weeks, I was able to work up to the suggested 10 pumps with ease which filled me with lots of confidence!!

Each time I used it, I made sure I started a little lower from where I left off so to not shock myself or cause any pain when expelling…I was able to feel the Aniball inside me and the pressure sensation it brought and more or less breath and control the device out of me without any pain… Each time I used it (approx 12 times before baby was born) I did the breathing out exercise around 4 times each, so I could get used to expelling it as well as the breathing.

Now I’ll be honest, I think the relaxing breathing went out the window during labour… it was the most intense time of my life (fast and furious the midwife said)… I certainly didn’t ‘breath my baby out’ like I thought… but my labour was very quick, 7 hours from first contraction to the end… I went from 2cm to full delivery in 1 hour, natural water birth, with only gas and air…in fact I was only in the water 40 minutes before he flew out of me!!

On vaginal inspection post birth, I had no tears and everything was intact 🙏🏻 Healing from birth has been incredibly easy without having to have any stitches and I really do account a lot of the success to Aniball, so many thanks!!

My mum (a retired midwife) was certainly dubious when I told her about what I had purchased and initially thought I had wasted my money… however after witnessing the delivery she took everything back and couldn’t praise Aniball more!!! My sister is now pregnant and will certainly purchase Aniball to help prepare her also :)

Helen Atkinson
Can not use till 36 weeks

Pointless asking for a review since it's only usable at 36 weeks.

Sophia Stokes
Great product, so glad I used it!

I was a bit skeptical but after reading so many positive reviews, thought it would be worth a try as perineal massage was very alien to me and difficult to reach around the bump to do correctly!
Genuinely think I would have torn if it wasn’t for this product. I had a water birth, used the tens machine before getting into the water and gas and air for pushing stage - I had no tears at all!!! Highly recommend, worth every penny to have a positive birth experience and a quicker recovery post-birth.

Laura T
Excellent prenatal trainer

I was skeptical about the Aniball and although I haven’t given birth yet, I feel much more confident about going into labour that I did before I started training. On the first try I could hardly get the balloon inside, even entirely deflated! After a month of training I’ve managed to inflate it nearly to 25cm and pull it out. Let’s hope I don’t end up tearing or needing an episiotomy but either way I’d recommend the Aniball. Worth the investment and can be used as pelvic floor training for life :)

Imogen Fox
VBAC with large baby and just a graze!

I have absolutely no doubt that Aniball made my birth easier. It helped me practice the pushing stage of delivery and helped me feel relaxed and confident about my birth. I delivered a 9lb 5oz baby without any need for stitches. I can't believe it!