Expert opinion

MUDr. Šárka Kutálková


I like Aniball, it’s simple, efficient, safe and supports the elasticity of natural tissues. I definitely recommend it. We’re certainly satisfied with it.

Jana Čurdová

labor assistant, mother of two children

I see Aniball as a useful aid to understanding your body. It helps a woman to discover how her body works during the expelling and what kind of feelings there will be in the final labor stages.

MUDr. Marián Kollár

President of the Slovak Medical Chamber

Aniball is a great tool to help women well prepare their body for delivery. Women who have used it are ready to delivery better - mentally and physically. They can well work with their muscles in the final stage of delivery. From my experiences, I can confirm that there is lower risk of episiotomy and extensive injuries. After giving birth they are much more active than their female colleagues in the department. Aniball is appreciated in the postpartum stage, when women practicing Kegel exercises to prevent muscle weakness of the pelvic floor. Aniball I can only recommend.

MUDr. Aleš Jurčík


What I can say about Aniball is that it’s an excellent tool that helps women to cope well with childbirth. Women who used it before giving birth are better prepared for childbirth, able to coordinate their muscles well in the final labor stages. From my experiences I can confirm that in most of the cases it’s not necessary to perform an episiotomy and also injuries of the perineum are less frequent.

MUDr. Monika Zimanova


The exercise with the Aniball balloon and massaging the perineum should be part of the preparation for spontaneous birth for each woman. My personal experience – as a primipara, I knew which position during childbirth was suitable for me, knew the feeling of when the child’s head was crowning, knowing how to push; and I gave birth naturally without the least injury. I was prepared for 30 cm and the son’s head circumference was 34.5 cm. Aniball is an effective and safe device.

MUDr. Ján Macejka

gynecologist, SK

I think Aniball is a fantastic tool for you to have a great and painless childbirth experience. My patients can’t stop praising it.

Soňa Holcmanová

midwife in the maternity ward in Vyškov

From Vyškov hospital midwives, there are unambiguously glowing recommendations for Aniball. We have a really good experience with the balloon.

Barbora Vörösová

midwife Bratislava

My experience: – relatively easy to use, more effective than a perineum massage – the biggest child born after Aniball use was 4650 g. and 54 cm, childbirth lasting 3 hrs., without an episiotomy or tearing – most women using Aniball gain self-confidence for the labor. They know how to push, decreasing the fear and stress of confinement, reducing the risk of perineal tearing or an episiotomy – obstetricians are beginning to be more informed about these tools, and some are even recommending them, which I consider a positive step in obstetrics I recommend Aniball to you thanks to the very reasonable price and excellent results.