Aniball – for easier childbirth

If you want to avoid tearing or episiotomy during childbirth, then familiarize yourself with the Aniball medical aid for antenatal preparation and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth.

Exercising with Aniball is offers:

  • effective physical and mental preparedness and self-confidence for childbirth,
  • a significantly lower risk of tearing or episiotomy during parturition,
  • shortening of the second stage of labor,
  • training for expulsion of the newborn,
  • training in the appropriate position for birth,
  • preparation for the child's head passage,
  • strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth,
  • effective postpartum rehabilitation.

Start practicing with Aniball from the completed 36th week of pregnancy, just 15 min. daily.

Price: 69,- €

including VAT 

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Your experience with Aniball ...

I started the exercise at 21 cm and I reached 29.8 cm 2 days before giving birth. Thanks to Aniball I was less afraid of childbirth and I believe that also thanks to it the birth became an experience for me. It was absolutely easy, basically I knew roughly what to expect. The labor lasted about 3 hours, without epidural anesthesia, without episiotomy and without any injury. In the hospital I was an exemplar – I had fast delivery and without injury as a primipara and almost the only one able to sit, walk and function normally after childbirth. The midwife also highly praised the balloon. Thank you very much for this great invention that makes sense and has certainly helped many women. Let me add that a friend of mine also exercised; she gave birth on Monday and also had no injuries :) If I plan another baby, I will use the balloon again :)
I decided to try the balloon after reading several reviews. The first insertion was awkward, inflating even more, but I wasn’t panicking, logically, it's just not a pleasure :-) I exercised for about 14 days, then the head already descended, the cervix shortened and the inserted balloon began to bother me... They were only two weeks left till the date of a labor and I had 25 cm safely practiced. I spent 20 hours in the delivery room on the day of the labor. The second stage of labor, however, from all this lasted “only” two hours, and when the moment for pushing came, I was - although a primipara - an absolute professional. I knew the technique of expelling the balloon and the pressure caused by the descending head was also well known to me. The labor was finished after a quarter of an hour, our magical Vašík was born with an incredible weight and measurement of 4010 g and 54 cm! When the doctor checked my condition, the perineum was WITHOUT a episiotomy! For all expectant mothers – don’t hesitate to try Aniball, it certainly works, at least for encouraging the mindset of a woman in labor, which I rank in first place. I would like to add a little wisdom from my husband for the end, when he wept with happiness – he was looking at the little one and said: YOU CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS, BUT YOU CAN GIVE BIRTH TO IT :-)

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